Many churches considering planting or revitalising but lacking lead planters

62% of church leaders reported that they are either preparing to send out a church plant (extremely/very likely in the next 5 years) or at least open to the prospect. A very similar proportion (63%) are either preparing to or open to the possibility of revitalising a church. Within these figures it looks like there is slightly more confidence in the plants going ahead than the revitalisations. And digging into this data further, there is somewhat higher confidence in both planting and revitalising among larger churches and in urban contexts.

The most common reason given as a blocker to church planting was lack of a lead planter. Interestingly, finances did not make the top 3 barriers. Even when looking just at smaller churches (less than 50 adults), where the finance issue is most acute, only 34% mentioned money as a factor holding them back as a church from planting.

All statistics and graphics in this post are taken from the McCrindle UK National Ministry Survey.

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