Church leaders are seeking training in specific areas and many would appreciate mentoring and consultancy

The McCrindle researchers were surprised to see such clear results in regard to which training categories are judged to be already very well provided for and which categories seem to be requiring more provision. In particular, theological training and preaching training are well established and appreciated with 87% of church leaders feeling that there is sufficient provision.

In contrast, less than half church leaders surveyed felt that there is sufficient training provision for areas of cultural engagement, fund raising, readying a church to plant or revitalisation.


Two other areas that similarly 2 in 5 pastors felt needed more training provision were leadership skills and leadership development:


In addition to specific training content, there also seems to be a significant desire for:

  • 1-to-1 mentoring or coaching
  • consultancy where there is constructive ministry feedback

If all those who were interested in receiving mentoring and consultancy received it, this would represent a more than doubling of the numbers engaged.

  • For full details read the NMS report.
  • For more on mentoring, consultancy and training designed to meet the needs identified in the NMS, see Pebble.

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