Mission Situation, Mission Opportunity

Jan 2022

Report summary (13 min)
Animation (2 min)
Openness and blockers (4 min)

Key insights

What is the National Ministry Survey?

What could give us a more clear-sighted view of the national landscape in relation to evangelism, training and gospel ministry? [read more]

Background study: mission situation

Deep dive into a wealth of data behind the data. New robust national survey from Savanta-ComRes on public and Christian attitudes. [download]

Executive summary: mission opportunities

The 7 key learning points from the end of the McCrindle National Ministry Survey report. [read more]

Consultancy, mentoring and training

A ministry designed to meet the needs identified in the National Ministry Survey

“This inaugural UK National Ministry Survey shows
a context of opportunity and church communities
keen to hold out the enduring hope of the timeless
gospel of Christ in a changing world.”

Mark McCrindle, Founder and Principal of McCrindle Research

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